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Vigilant Facilities - Services

Whatever the job nature is, we provide the best solution for your business. We always consider your needs and offer best suitable package on an affordable price. Following are the few services we offer:

Static Guarding:

Vigilant Facilities Ltd offers a wide range of Static guarding services, including industrial, warehousing, corporate offices and construction. Static Manned Guarding is an excellent visual deterrent against casual theft or vandalism, both inside and outside the business.

Retail Security:

Shoplifting causes huge loses to the retail stores every year and presence of a uniformed security guards acts as a visible deterrent and helps in minimising the theft to a zero level which results in high profits of the stores. We provide trained retail security guards who have the knowledge of retail guarding including searching and arresting procedures etc.

Mobile Patrol:

We have a team of dedicated guards who visits your premises at fixed or random interval of times to make sure everything is fine. It is a best cost effective way of securing your property where no on-site security guards are required. When our guards visits your premises, they write the full property inspection report which is then passed to the client whenever required.

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